About Chai Point

In a country which literally runs on Chai, since the beginning the last mile experience of Chai has been broken. Either completely debilitated or far too exclusive in the confines of fine dine places and therefore removed from the reality of this vast and fast progressing nation. We are on a journey to fix this asymmetry by building multiple channels of serving Chai. Led foremost by our stores, we intend to share with our consumers the vibrancy of this young and aspiring country as well as its confidence in cherishing what it values the most.

Our purpose is to consistently serve our customers with a great glass of Chai and in doing so inspire a sense of perfection and fuel progress. We very firmly believe that in today’s age that implies being an omnichannel brand that serves customers through various channels.

Being an omnichannel brand foremost implies embracing technology and building our online delivery channels and placing authentic IoT enabled Chai dispensers within arm’s reach of our customers. Undeniably though, the most immersive experience for our customers to enjoy our Chai and other products is the Chai Point store. This is where the brand comes to life the most. This is where a customer is witness to the play of subtle yet smart space design, friendly prompt service, enabling technology, music, aroma of many varieties of Chai, other beverages and a made for chai assortment of eats.